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Lives are changed by Donors like you...

If paying by credit card, please fill out the form below and you will be directed to paypal. SELECT PAYPAL CHECKOUT. If you have a Paypal Account, click PAYPAL CREDIT.

The children of Neve Michael are blameless victims of a terrible social injustice. Your kindness will help them on their long road to recovery and fulfillment, and will continue to light the path for them.

We look forward to a lasting relationship based on our shared beliefs, continued cooperation and the pleasure and fulfillment that comes with watching our children grow into healthy young men and women.

Please inform us in the comment section if your donation is allocated to a specific project.

Thank you for your generosity.

If you would like to designate your donation, please call Donna Lasker Executive Director at 305-467-9559 or email Donna at


Our many supporters help to make the lives of the Children at Neve Michael Children's village better in so many ways.  We are grateful to each and every organization and individual who helps to make a difference.

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