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Here is a glimpse of the multitude of programs which exist to enhance the children's lives at Neve Michael Children's Village. These could not be possible without the generosity of donors like you. The Israeli government only subsidizes a portion of the money needed, but it is simply not enough to give the children the lives they deserve.

    Read about these important programs and if you would like further information, please contact Donna Lasker, Executive Director at 305-467-9559 or email Donna at


ipad miracle mission

iPads are being provided to the children at Neve Michael Children's Village, through the Forster Foundation, to encourage the gift of education and entertainment.


B'nai Mitzvah Program

Some Bar and Bat Mitzvah children at Neve Michael Children’s Village enter into adulthood while on the road to recovery from childhood trauma. Someday, they will look back at their Mitzvah celebration as the turning point in their lives, when they could look forward to a brighter future.


Therapy Enrichment Programs

At Neve Michael, there is an ongoing effort to mend the shattered childhoods of the boys and girls who come from backgrounds rife with family dysfunction, drug and alcohol addiction, violence and other horrifying circumstances. The professional therapeutic individual treatment program meets the needs of each child and enhances their development and well-being.

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The Eli Project

Imagine a 9-year old boy seeing a need to help the children at Neve Michael and selling eggs to do so! You won't believe Eli's story.



Teenage Girls Emergency Crisis Center

Israel’s Welfare Department refers teenage girls 13 to 18 years old, who suffer extreme mental, physical and/or sexual abuse, or who are in emotional distress, to the Neve Michael Teenage Girls' Emergency Crisis Center -- the first of its kind in Israel. Each girl is immediately evaluated, and an individual treatment plan is created for their specific needs. 


The Birthday Room!

Neve Michael’s Birthday Room has many shelves of toys and games just waiting for our 300 children who anxiously await their birthday present, or a special reward for a good deed.

You cannot imagine the excitement of our delighted children when they enter this wondrous room where they can “take their pick” of board games, dolls, and other playthings.

Our caring staff is rewarded by the looks of happiness on the children’s faces when they see all the many toys and games they can choose from.


Sumalot Music Program

The amazing Neve Ensemble recently performed in New York City!

Sulamot, a program for social change, created by the Israel Philharmonic with Maestro Zubin Mehta, brings music to the children at Neve Michael Children’s Village and stimulates their senses and love for music. Give the gift of music to a child at Neve Michael. 


Children's Emergency Crisis Center

Children removed from their homes and surroundings by Israel’s Welfare Department are immediately brought to Neve Michael Children’s Emergency Crisis Center. These blameless and innocent children have endured mental, physical and/or sexual abuse at the hands of those they loved and trusted.


Godparents Society

Neve Michael Godparents are committed to ensuring every child at Neve Michael is provided a safe haven and given the very best education, as well as emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological care.

At Neve Michael, all children enjoy a clean, loving and safe place to call “home.” Neve Michael becomes their home and provides consistent nourishment for their bodies and souls. At Neve Michael, every child is given the opportunity to realize their potential and prepare for their future.

Become a Godparent today!

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