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New Year!


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Bravo Graduates!

Please give a BIG BRAVO to Neve Michael's soon to be graduates who participated in the Mud Race in the Yehoshua Gardens in Tel Aviv. After graduation some will go to straight to the army, and others to pre-army preparatory programs and Hesder Yeshivot. Today, the mud race included mud obstacles, an ice pool and a lot of great, cohesive, group team work. Yechiam Sherlo, an avid runner and director of the Family Homes in Neve Michael, always accompanies all runners. His message about life to these runners, " Together, you might fall in the mud. But always get up with a smile on your face and keep running."Shabbat Shalom and have a great weekend.

How sweet it is!

Check out Neve Michael's graduates of the "Shades of Sweet" course which is a social enterprise for the purpose of training, empowering and employing teenage youth through a process of production and sales of chocolate pralines.

      The social enterprise enables the teenagers to participate in all phases of the production of boutique chocolate. The youngsters learn how to produce chocolate and experience the basic processes of running a business such as: leadership, branding, marketing and sales. 

Children give back to the community

Giving Back to the Community through Sports
Did you know that a volunteer group of Neve Michael youth lead various sports activities for mentally challenged young adults on Monday afternoon in Maon Ramim in Pardes Hana? This unique undertaking enables our children to act as givers by helping severely mentally challenged young adults enjoy the benefits of participating in healthy and vigorous outdoor activities.

From Neve to the Miami 21 km Marathon!

Neve Michael's successful marathon runners have returned from Miami. 

    Please give Neve Michael's marathon runners and Yechiam Sherlo, Director of the Family Homes in Neve Michael, who helped them train and is an amazing role model and inspiration for our children, a BIG BRAVO for participating in the Miami Marathon.


Holocaust Remembrance Day

On International Holocaust Remembrance day, the children in Neve Michael are taught about the atrocities of the Holocaust and have a wonderful community outreach program where they visit childless holocaust survivors, bringing them food and sweets. They also invite the Holocaust survivors to various events in Neve Michael. WE MUST NEVER FORGET!!!

Slam Dunk!

You cannot imagine how excited the children at Neve Michael were when Itai Segev, a professional basketball player in the Israeli Premier League, came to meet and speak with them. What an amazing time!!! 

A Chanukah Rememberance

The children participated in a Hannukah party with the local Holocaust survivors whom they visit every week. It was so emotional to see how the children have bonded with these wonderful people and how much our children bring such joy and love into their lives. After that, we continued with a display of Hannukiyot ( Menorahs ) that our creative children made. This year's theme was the "Unity of our Nation". Please give them a BIG BRAVO. The children of Neve Michael wishes everyone a very happy Hannukah!!!

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